Steady Path Healing

Be steady, my friend

Steady Path Healing is a Massage and Bodywork LLC serving the Twin cities metro area, offering a variety of massage modalities including Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, as well as Thai Yoga Massage and Private Yoga lessons.  Steady Path Healing is your journey towards wellness.  Don't just treat yourselves, take care of yourselves.


Steady Path Healing (Prime Time)

Jesse will be leading a weekly video series that he is calling “Prime Time.” These videos will address the daily tension in our bodies and combat the nagging repetitive stress that we all endure, whether it be from an active lifestyle or working a desk job, these subtle body exercises are so simple, yet so profound when done consistently and integrated into our daily lives. Jesse’s background and experience definitely give him an edge on helping you manage your stress and tension. Consider joining in the journey!!! Don’t just treat yourselves, take care of yourselves.


In this video series, we will learn to address:


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